The Week in Clean Tech: OLED TVs You Can't Afford, Slowed Smart Meter Installations, Backup Power for iPhones and More

Apple trims prices on refurbished iPads
An even better reason to buy used.

Smart meter installations to decline in U.S. over next 2 years
But it is all because of progress...

Etón’s Rukus Solar Bluetooth speaker has started to ship
An item we checked out at CES in January is finally heading out to consumers.

Miami Zoo orangutans get iPads
It's not just humans that love the iPad, but our ape relatives too.

Dirt-Cheap Touchscreen Tech Means They'll Be Everywhere Soon
Uh ohh....

Sorry, You Probably Can't Afford Samsung's Gorgeous Super OLED TV of the Future
It is 55 inches of OLED amazingness, and way, way out of most people's budgets.

Portable Fuel Cell Charge Can Charge Your iPhone For Weeks
For when you want some serious back-up battery power.

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