Wearing a Piece of the Titanic

titanic DNA

Not that you've probably ever given it any serious consideration, but how would you feel about owning a piece of the Titanic - to tell the time? Yes, taking the principles of reuse and recycling to new heights, a Switzerland-based watch company - Romain Jerome - is planning on using steel taken from the actual vessel to craft a set of 2,012 limited edition Titanic DNA Watches. Furthermore, the watches' dial faces will be coated with black lacquer paint - whose main ingredient consists of coal from the ship.

They will be made available on (conveniently enough) 2012 to coincide with the centenary anniversary of the Titanic's sinking on April 14, 1912. No pricing is as yet listed, but you can bet these watches won't come cheap. Talk about gimmicky... not to mention inefficient (just imagine the amount of energy it takes to extract the necessary components).

Via ::Groovy Green: Titanic Being Recycled, Turned Into Watches (blog)

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