Wearable Windmill to Harvest the Breeze Looks A Little Flighty

A windmill. That you wear. Oh, that we were joking. But it's not April Fool's Day yet, and this thing is real. It's a harness that you wear, so you can harness the wind. Like a functional fairy suit. It's called the Dandelion, and it's quite the fashion statement. Check out a video of the outfit in action. EarthTechling points us toward what could be the funniest piece of fashion we've seen in awhile - nothing so dorky since the solar powered vest that put this writer over the edge when it comes to bad design ideas.

The designer writes, "Inspired by the theme of climate change, this piece explores ideas of personal, mobile power generation and kinetics.

Dandelion is a wearable that captures energy from wind and human movement. It is a structure of miniature windmills that embraces the wearer. It is fashion that creates an interface between nature, technology, and people."

It honestly doesn't look like it'd hold up in any sort of breeze, let alone gather any charge to make it useful.

It's kinda pretty...in a fanciful sort of way. But that's about it. As far as wind powered clothing goes, we don't think there's much of a future, let alone a market. But who knows! This could be oh so vogue 20 years from now.

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