Wearable Carbon Credit Meter Tracks Your Monthly Transportation Allowance

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If you live in a city with a good metro system, you're probably used to having a swipe card system of some sort - load up money on the card, swipe it as you enter the station and as you exit, and your card is deducted the amount that ride cost. It's a great way to track your transportation allowance. But what if your swipe card were based on carbon emissions instead? That's the idea proposed by designer Nick Hunter for this wearable carbon emissions tracker.

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Rather than a key or a card, the carbon meter would fit on your hand and glows a particular color - green, yellow, orange or red - depending on how well you're using your public transportation allowance. Are you saving more carbon by hopping onto a train for a short ride, or would the hybrid bus have actually had the smaller footprint? The meter would let you know. But there's more...it'd give the government insight on how well the public transportation systems are being used.

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All the information about how many passengers are taking advantage of the various kinds of transportation would be uploaded to a government database where the data could be analysed and the transportation system greened up ever more.

It has a slight ring of cyborg and Big Brother, but the idea is still kind of appealing. Knowing exactly the impact your choice of transportation is making in real time would be a big step forward. The glowing hands, however, maybe not so much.

Via Ecofriend via Fast Company
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