WattVision Is Latest Tool for Easy Real-Time Energy Monitoring (Video)

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Wattvision is a new plug-n-play tool for real time energy monitoring. Like most power monitors available on the market, you just snap a sensor on to your electricity meter and you can get real-time energy consumption data on your computer or smart phone. But an interesting pricing structure, super simple displays, and social networking tools for energy consumption data could help set Wattvision apart from the rest of the market.

Jetson Green
notes, "Wattvision could really help a homeowner out. Knowledge is power, and knowing how equipment uses energy may cause some users to make changes to save energy. It all depends on the user, though."

That really is the key to making changes in energy consumption. What's measurable is manageable, but the biggest problem we have in conserving energy is getting people to want to consume energy.

That is one of the reasons why the emerging market of energy dashboards and power monitors is so competitive - companies are all working to make their information more accessible and easy for users to understand (and remember to utilize) than the rest of the companies on the market. The easier it is, the more likely users are to stick with that service. Until the smart grid comes along, that is...which is quite a ways off still.

The market is crowded, however, with big named players taking prime position - such as Google's PowerMeter, which is already spreading across the globe and partnering with power monitor companies in an effort to leapfrog the need to network with cumbersome utility companies who are slow to jump on board with smart metering technology.

Wattvision is still in beta mode, but is selling the Wattvision Sensor for $199 (currently only $149 with the code "wvbetablog"), which works with certain digital energy meters, with equipment compatible with more meters on the way. Once beta mode is over, Wattvision will have a tiered pricing structure based on the level of service a user wants for monitoring energy, including how much information you have access to and how many properties are included in the account.

If you're interested in how Wattvision looks, you can check out their live demo of a house in New Jersey, which shows energy consumption updated every 10 seconds.

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