Wattson: Monitor Your Home's Energy Usage


Wattson is a clever device that monitors the energy usage in your home. Turning any appliance of, off, or switching it to standby creates an immediate effect, showing how much power the appliance takes to run, and how much money it costs to keep it running. There are two parts to Wattson; a sensor that lives near the home's electricity supply, and the wireless, handheld display that can be taken anywhere in the home, so you can tell if the microwave or toaster uses more electricity. iPod-esque styling makes it easy to leave it on the coffee table or in the kitchen without causing an eyesore, and the two modes (instantaneous power consumption and overall cost per year) help equate electricity usage with spending money. To wit: a 100W light bulb left on for a year might cost $130; switching it to a 18W low-energy bulb would drop it to about $33. Connect Wattson to a computer, and you can become part of an online community, collaborating to see how individual energy savings are making a big difference as a collective. We think it's a great way to help contextualize your home's energy usage -- it really adds up. ::Wattson via ::Hugg