Wattbot Puts Clean Energy in the Public's Hands

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Wattbot is a new website that makes clean energy and energy efficiency accessable to consumers in order to help quicken the pace at which we adopt better technologies.

It’ll take a whole lot of people getting a whole lot more educated about what’s happening with climate crisis, what is happening with clean tech, and what role we each play in the mix before we can get cracking on serious improvements world wide. So, Wattbot connects consumers to the folks behind solar installations, home retrofitting, residential wind power and the like. It’s a bit like the Sam’s Club solar kiosks, only better. Helping to Educate Consumers About Confusing Choices
With regulations, tax implications, rebates and power purchase issues, it can definitely be confusing for homeowners trying to figure out if and what alternative energy systems and home improvements are right for them, and so many don’t take any action at all.

Because alternative energy installations are still fairly new and not part of the mainstream, the nebulous information available only slows down our switch to renewables as primary energy sources.

Wattbot Speeds Up Consumer Decision Making
The creators of Wattbot saw that solar installers were spending far too much time educating homeowners about available systems, and not enough time doing the installing. By helping to educate consumers right away, and provide an easy way to navigate the nuances of owning something like a solar array as well a choosing an installer, the website will help speed up the turn around time of installations.

Hopefully websites like Wattbot will help us get moving on switching to renewables on a much larger scale. Wattbot launches in January and will have detailed info about alternative energy options, with access free for consumers. In the mean time, they have some fun items to play with, such as a clean energy density map.

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Wattbot Puts Clean Energy in the Public's Hands
It’ll take a whole lot of people getting a whole lot more educated about what’s

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