Watermill Pulls Water From Air Without Wasting Energy

element four water mill photo

The inner guts of Element Four's Watermill

With the West in a water crisis, it's not surprising to see a machine that pulls water from ambient air at West Coast Green. The concept itself is nothing new. However, these kinds of machines tend to require a ton of energy. Of course there are camping/emergency dew-catching versions that require no energy at all, but they also aren’t practical for the average family home.

Element Four has developed the Watermill to address the issues of energy use for creating water, and has implemented a technology that takes the guessing out of just how much water can be made. The unit uses just 300 watts, a relatively low amount for these machines, the Watermill senses its environment and acts accordingly.

Other machines use massive amounts of energy to run a fan to pull air into the machine and extract what water it can, with no regard for the actual dew point of the air in which it is operating.

The Watermill, on the other hand, checks its environment every three minutes to determine the dew point and keeps itself operating at just a few degrees below that dew point. This way, it maximizes efficiency of the energy it uses to operate by maximizing the amount of water it can pull from the air 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

It can pull an average of 13 quarts of water each day, which is plenty of potable water for an average family of four. The water is essentially distilled, but a filter can be added to restore organic minerals if the user wishes.

A solar powered version of the machine is in the works and will be available in about six months.

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