Water-Saving Concept Device to Measure Water, Detect Leaks

every drop counts water meter image

Images via Yanko Design

The Every Drop Counts Water Meter concept device is a clever idea on how to not only measure water consumption, like so many shower timers and meters, but also detect any drips or leaks so that a user consumes wastes as little water as possible. Designer Ulrik Svenningsen figured that we should be combining the technology we have to detect leaks with the technology we have to meter water use in order to waste the least amount of water possible.

The idea is that the meter can clamp to a pipe without interfering with the water-flow system. It then would automatically relay relevant data to a detachable display, which would show how much water is being used, and where it's being used.

Keeping a closer eye on water consumption is important, and we wouldn't be surprised to see more detailed and innovative concept devices like this eventually coming to market, in the same way that home power monitors have been popping up right and left.

Via Yanko Design
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