Water Harvesting Now Works in Deserts


Aqua Sciences is redefining water harvesting technology, according to a recent article in Wired Magazine. The firm, now under government contract to hydrate U.S. soldiers in Iraq, has developed a product which creates water out of thin air "virtually everywhere." The atmosphere is a river full of water, even in the desert," says Abe Sher, chief executive officer of Aqua Sciences. So how does this work? Well it's all a bit mysterious the company (which doesn't seem to have a Web site) just hints at the concept of rice in saltshakers. The rice, acting as a magnet, extracts the water, which in turn, prevents the clumping. Seeking to capture water in the Mesopotamian desert, the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) initiated the water harvesting project. Despite the millions the program gave to research companies, Wired reports, Aqua Sciences came out of left field. Until now, similar products, though promising, have been absurdly expensive gagets requiring humidity. ::Wired Magazine via ::KurzweilAI.net