"Watcha Gonna Do (with all that Poo)" Song Questions CAFO Waste With Humor

Every so often there's a really great sad-but-true-made-funny video that comes out, and this is a perfect one for today considering Thanksgiving is a day of feasting. This humorous but still sort of serious song is by Adam Cole, singing about CAFOs and the massive amounts of waste they create. Lyrics are written in full after the jump. Cole kindly added the lyrics to the YouTube upload:

One of the reasons I try to be a vegetarian.

Many thanks to Grady Titus

All across America, there's people eating meat
Cause they like the way that it tastes
But they don't know that a single pound of beef
Makes a hundred pounds of fecal waste
You see the cows keep masticatin'
And their stomachs keep digestin'
And all that waste creation
Leaves me with one question

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
Whatch gonna do with all that poo

Cows ate grass in their home out on the range
'Til the land got developed into towns
Now they're in the feedlot and they're eatin' corn flakes
With some hormones to wash 'em down
And instead of fertilizin' the fields where they graze
Those big brown piles are risin' - day after day

Every slice of cow pie has a bunch of nitrogen
And phosphorus is the whipped cream
It leaks from the silos and the fields and then
Pollutes the rivers and streams
Now all the fish are growing tumors
Cause they drank too many hormones
And oceanic algal bloomers
Create anoxic dead zones

Meat production in America has become decoupled from the rest of agriculture, to the detriment of the natural world

Our problem with manure has a simple cure
Eat fewer moo-ers and the poo-ers will be fewer
Our water will be pure, our ocean will be bluer
Our planet will endure, of that you can be sure
But if demand for meat increases
And the fields are over-nourished
And the farmers loose their leases
So suburbia can flourish
And we're faced with all the waste
Of 10,000,000,000 head of cattle...
We'll be up manure creek
Without a proverbial paddle

I'm talkin' bout doo doo
I'm talkin' bout number 2
I'm talkin' bout the feces of species
That's eaten by me and you
I just can't stop talkin' bout poo

This whole rigamarole is full of bull
Or my name isn't cadamole

Via Elizabeth Royte
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