Watch TV, Go Online at Futuristic Solar Powered Bus Stop

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Image via MIT

What would it take to get Americans to ride the bus? The promise of televised entertainment while they wait? An up-to-the-minute news and weather service to inform those who wait exactly how the day is shaping up to be? The prospect of participating in a solar-powered, futuristic experience? The sexy feeling that they're in a hip iPod commercial? Well, a new bus stop design from MIT aims to lure people to their local bus stops with all that--and more. Boing Boing reports that the marvel is going to known as the EyeStop (way to come just as close as possible to calling it 'iStop', MIT).

MIT news has the scoop on the stop:

Riders can plan a bus trip on an interactive map, surf the Web, monitor their real-time exposure to pollutants and use their mobile devices as an interface with the bus shelter. They can also post ads and community announcements to an electronic bulletin board at the bus stop, enhancing the EyeStop's functionality as a community gathering space.


Remind anyone of any certain uber-hip ad campaign? i-what? Just sayin'.

"The EyeStop could change the whole experience of urban travel," said Carlo Ratti, Head of the SENSEable City Lab at MIT. "At the touch of a finger, passengers can get the shortest bus route to their destination or the position of all the buses in the city. The EyeStop will also glow at different levels of intensity to signal the distance of an approaching bus."


And evidently, anyone who hangs out at the bus stops will be really, really hot.

In addition to displaying information, the bus stop also acts as an active environmental sensing node, powering itself through sunlight and collecting real-time information about the surrounding environment.


"EyeStop is like an 'info-tape' that snakes through the city," said project leader Giovanni de Niederhousern. "It senses information about the environment and distributes it in a form accessible to all citizens."


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