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To raise awareness of global warming, one of the two main newspapers in Greenland, Sermitslaq, has set up an 'ice cam' located on one of the largest inland glaciers, Ilulissat, to show it melting - as you watch! Updated hourly. It seems a sad state that we can watch (it is a bit like watching paint dry) though not really do much.

Melting ice, rising seas
Greenland's inland ice covers 1.7 million square kilometers - about 80 percent of the country's total area, and is estimated to be about 110,000 years old. A NASA satellite shows that about 239 cubic kilometers of the ice cap is melting each year. The faster it melts, the faster the sea rises, the theory goes. Some of the effects of global warming, while they are happening faster in the Arctic, can be considered to be of benefit to Greenland's small human population. Tourism is increasing (though watch out for killer glacial waves), and the country's government is planning on bottling the melting water for boutiques in cities like New York and Tokyo as well as brewing beer from it. Via

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