WasteNot iPhone App Lets You Grow a Garden of Good Ideas...and Learn to Write Your Own Green Apps!

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WasteNot is a new app for your iPhone that gives tips for living in a more eco-friendly fashion. But it's not your typical tips app. This one has some very neat features that not only lets you know ways in which you can be more green, but also lets you share ideas and see how your ideas and actions are making a real impact. It does so by creating a garden - each idea is a "seed" and using the seed is equal to "watering" the garden. As more people incorporate your tips into their life, and you incorporate theirs in yours, the more your garden grows. And (possibly) even more exciting, they tell you how to write your own app. WasteNot is a free app that allows you to post a "seed" of an idea that other people can "water" by using your idea in their life. Your impact becomes a "garden" and the world grows into a better place through this idea sharing. You can incorporate "seeds" from other people into your life too. Check out how it works in the video below.

So, you can browse and search for good ideas to reduce your impact on the environment. Share your ideas with others, and see how all those ideas are making an impact globally.

"Water Seeds to let us know that you're using an idea in your life. We keep track of all of the waterings so you can see how much of a difference you and everyone using WasteNot are making. Check out our interactive world maps that let you zoom in to see where Seeds have been watered. Watch the savings grow in MyGarden because of your ideas and actions."

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It's a really fun idea for being interactive in the green community and what's extra brilliant is that the urge to see our virtual gardens grow will keep people returning to the app and implementing more ideas into daily life. Smart! But that's not the only smart part.

WasteNot took thousands of hours from a team of over 20 people to build, all because they started from scratch rather than going off expert input. While the learning experience was fun, they want to help others create apps more quickly, so they wrote a book, including chapters on: Privacy, Technology,
Legal & Corporate Formation, their core "FailSoft" strategy, app Marketing, and
one describing the major decisions when building WasteNot itself.

"By launching the book and the app together, we hope that they'll combine to get
our messages of "help others make the world better" and "world good before
profit" out to as broad as an audience as possible while we have this unique
window of opportunity, inspiration, and world-wide focus on the environment.
And if the two efforts end up driving sales to each other, and we end up able to
pay our bills and debts as a result, even better."

We love it. And the app sounds like fun!

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