Waste Heat Powers Novel Carbon Capture Scheme

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The IEA just said we'll need 3000 carbon capture and storage projects by 2050 if we're too reduce greenhouse gas emissions enough to avert potentially catastrophic global warming. Considering that there are just five currently operating and 75 in planning stages, and there's a strong contingent of researchers expressing doubt about that scale of CCS being feasible, it's a daunting challenging ahead, no doubt. Well, Greentech Media is highlighting an interesting way of meeting that challenge:

[Global Thermostat] essentially captures the heat from power plants and/or industrial equipment to drive its CO2 capture equipment. To capture one ton of CO2, the unit uses 4 X 10-to-the-9th joules of energy. Over 90 percent of that heat captured goes to capturing CO2. The other roughly ten percent of the energy is used to generate the eight kilowatt-hours of electricity that drive the unit's fans and move air at 2.5 meters per second long enough to capture a ton of CO2 from the ambient air.
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