Washman Washer/Dryer by Jan Čapek and Kryštof Nosál

Despite the growing appeal of good design to consumers and companies, some product areas have not yet felt the change. One of these has been laundry machinery. Since the 1940's, there have been new additions of computer controlled water usage, different user interfaces, and recent gimmicks like washer/dryer pairs that communicate. But these machines remain a bulky item designed to be hidden away in a garage, basement, or "laundry room"; Though the structure of families and chores has changed, they have not. Jan Čapek and Kryštof Nosál, creators of the Washman laundry system which finished second in the Elektrolux Designer Competition want to change that...The Washman isn't your basic "do a ton of laundry at once" kind of machine. Instead, it's targeted at younger users who don't have space, or need for a machine that can do laundry for a family of 6. The Washman includes tree-huggable features, like low water usage, and a high speed spin cycle to reduce the energy needed in the drying cycle. On top of its beautiful "OK for the living room" styling, and one piece washer/dryer design, other great practical bits include an integrated removable clothes basket with separate areas for socks, shirts, and pants that makes sorting later a breeze. Oh Elektrolux, please please let this puppy make it past prototype!
::Washman Washer::[by DM]