Was the Space Station salad really a giant leaf for mankind? Or did the Russians beat them to it?

Gravity screen capture
Screen capture Sandra Bullock discovers salad on Chinese Space Station

All the news sites and blogs are dressing up the story about the space station salad. The Guardian: Nasa astronauts take first bites of lettuce grown in space: ‘Tastes like arugula’. Even Popular Science titled a post Watch Astronauts harvest and eat the first space-grown salad.

Which is strange, because you would think they would check their own archives. Back in the July 2000 issue they did a tour of the Mir space station and wrote:

space saladPopular Science/Screen capture

Another article was even more explicit:

mir saladMagic Universe/Screen capture

Most of the articles about growing food on Mir refer to wheat, but it is pretty clear that they did eat some salad greens. Really, America. First you fake the moon landings and then you steal the first space salad. Shameful.

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