Walkonomics App Scores Walkability of Streets

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Say you're in a new city (or even the one you live in) and want to walk somewhere instead of driving or taking public transportation, you can always get walking directions from Google Maps, but those directions don't tell you whether you actually want to be walking on those roads.

That's where the new Walkonomics App comes in. The app lets people look up the walkability of any street in New York, San Francisco and England and not just based on how many destinations are within walking distance. The app offers 5-star ratings in eight different categories:

Road safety
Easy to cross
Fear of crime
Smart & beautiful
Fun & relaxing

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The app gets these ratings based on Open Data that includes street widths, traffic levels, 311 cleanliness reports, gradients, crime statistics, pedestrian accidents and how many trees are on each street. Just in case the cold data doesn't paint an accurate picture, the app also includes user-submitted reviews and photos so you'll always get the full story on the pedestrian-friendliness of a street. Having access to all this information could help to encourage people to get out and walk instead of driving.

The ratings are plotted in Google Maps so that users can get an overall view of the walkability of an area and see right away what streets will be the best to take to their destination.

Right now the app in only available for Android devices, but an iPhone version is on the way as well as more U.S. and UK locations.

Walkonomics App Scores Walkability of Streets
The app lets users find the most walk-friendly streets as well as add their own ratings.

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