Vote For the Best Green Gadgets: Winners Will Be Judged Live at Greener Gadgets 2009 in NYC

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The name may have unintended word associations, but the idea behind the Blight is pretty cool. All images: Core 77

Well, the 2009 Green Gadgets Conference in New York City will be upon us in just a few weeks and in the run-up to that Core 77 has posted the top 50 entries which will be in competition. And they want you to help narrow down the choices to 10, which will be part of a live judging event on February 27. Voting is now open and runs until the 20th. Check out some of the entries below:The Blight

solar blind blight photo

Blight is an optimal indoor lighting solution that is able to replace current lamps without any need of electric supply. With Blight we have not produced a new object; we have just created the design of an everlasting product: the Venetian blind. We use all the current functions of this object and add a little technology to give it a new function - to catch solar energy and convert it into electricity. 

This solar blind creates a link between indoor and outdoor, taking the daylight during the day and giving it back at night. The advantage of the Venetian blind is to have a large surface exposed to sunlight in a small, cumbersome object. With the revolving blades we can follow the course of the sun in order to catch a maximum of energy. Moreover we can adjust the position of the lamp to obtain various lighting effects. The produced energy can be used to supply a computer or other devices, by means of an inverter.

Indoor Drying Rack
indoor drying rack photo

This is a sustainable, indoor drying rack for clothing. 96 million people in the United States live in apartments, most without access to a clothesline. 45 million of them do not have dryers in their apartment buildings. The typical clothes dryer is the 2nd largest energy consuming appliance in the home, costing an average of $85 a year to operate. Clotheslines are great, but many suburbs do not allow them, and they are only useful in warmer climates. Also, most females cannot dry their undergarments in a dryer, nor do they want to hang them outside for everyone to see.

Constructed of bamboo laminate and recycled aluminum, it can be recycled easily, and is constructed from sustainable materials. Bamboo is also naturally hypoallergenic and resists mold and mildew. Predrilled holes allow the user tweak the mounting location side to side while still hitting studs, and it ships flat for maximum energy savings. This indoor drying rack gives millions of people the choice to conserve energy while drying their clothes naturally and privately in their home. When not in use it folds out of the way and adds a modern touch to any interior.

Bware Water Meter
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Bware: Did you ever ask yourself, "when I take a shower, do I know how much water I use?" Did you ask yourself the same the last time you washed the dishes? Probably the answer is no. Bware is a small water meter device made for purpose of knowing how much water you use.

Bware is made from recycled ABS, and production costs are minimal. It's very easy to operate: Attach it to a shower or kitchen tap; Bware will start to count (it draws its power of the water stream). Note the number and try to use less water the next time.

The aim of a device such the Bware is to get people to be aware of the water they use and to try to educate them to save this valued natural resource. The Bware advance kit will include Wi-Fi connection and log software, making it easier to trace the water usage.

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