Volkswagen GX3: 3 Wheels, 46 MPG


Of all the tasty bites I witnessed at the LA Auto Show, the Volkswagen GX3 caught my eye like nothing else. Classified as a motorcycle, this peculiar little two-seater has two wheels in the front a one in the back. Combining the efficiency and pep of a motorcycle with the stability of a small car, the GX3 could be a great personal mobility option. VW claims it can get 46 mpg in the city, and can do 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds. Yes, it is a concept car, but VW claims they are seriously considering production if customer interest is sufficient. They would go for about $17,000 or less. Yes, you would need your motorcycle license; yes, you would need to wear a helmet; and yes, you could drive in the carpool lane. If you want one, maybe let Volkswagen know you're interested. :: GX3 in Green Car Congress