Video: The Latest from Potenco's Pull-Cord Power Generator


When we first spied Potenco's pull-cord power generator it was a 3D rendering and not much more. Since then, we got to see one up close at chat with Colin Bulthaup, the startup's CEO, about where they were heading, and were glad to see they were making progress; the device had even been tapped to provide juice for the One Laptop Per Child project (now also known as the XO laptop). It's always a good thing when we see products go from the drawing board to real life existence.

Now, thanks to the guys at Wired, we can see they've made even more improvements. Perhaps most notably is the amount of energy generated by the device; before, it averaged between 12W and 15W, peaking at about 20W. Thanks to some engineering improvements, the average is up to about 25W, peaking at about 40W; with these numbers, one minute of pulling nets 20 minutes of cell phone talk time, one hour of LED flashlight use, or 3 hours of play time on an iPod Shuffle (that's about one pull per song). Hit the jump to see Wired's video of it in action.

As you can see from the video, field testing is underway in developing areas around the globe; once the kinks are working out, we hope to see this puppy in mass production and circulation. See more at ::Potenco via ::Wired

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