Via Introduces Smallest, Most Efficient Motherboard

The internet has become our computer; I use Google for mail and word processing, Treehugger runs on Movable Type; except for a bit of Sketchup, processor speed is becoming irrelevant while computer noise, heat and power consumption have become bigger concerns. In such an environment longtime laggard Via Technologies comes into its own. Via already gets points for its carbon free computing program (TreeHugger here) but has just annouced a new motherboard/chip combo that combines CPU, HDTV capable video, audio, in fact an entire 1 gigahertz computer that runs under maximum multimedia load at only 13 watts. That is an entire mobo including video running at half the power of the best performing AMD CPU. (TreeHugger here) Size? A new format they call pico-ATX, 10 cm by 7.2 cm (4 inches by just under three inches). I could just tape that to the back of my monitor, get rid of everything else, and pretend I have an iMac. ::VIA EPIA PX via ::Ubergizmo