Venom Introduces First Carbon Neutral Alkaline Batteries...But Can Disposable Be Green?


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Oh noes. Another case of greener but not green. Venom introduces batteries that are carbon neutral...but they're still disposable alkaline batteries. So, do we pick apart just how "carbon neutral" disposable batteries can possibly be, or do we congratulate Venom on taking steps forward on greening batteries that are an undeniable product in our market place? From the company, "Venom is proud to introduce our new Eco Alkalines, the worlds first Carbon Neutral alkaline batteries. Venom Power Eco Alkalineā„¢ batteries feature 0% Mercury, 0% Cadmium, 0% Lead and are certified Carbon Neutral by Venom's Eco Alkaline batteries are progressive, high quality consumer batteries with performance rivaling national leading alkaline battery brands. In connection with, the United States leading nonprofit provider of carbon offsets and climate solutions, Venom Power Eco Alkaline batteries have been certified carbon neutral after a detailed third party life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions assessment. Through the donation of carbon off-set credits, Venom will be contributing to Reforestation and Avoided Deforestation projects supported by"

Carbon offsets as a way to make a product carbon neutral - now there's a debate ripe for the picking. Carbon offsets are only as good as offsetting what emissions cannot possibly be avoided. What steps has Venom taken to make their product have a literal smaller carbon footprint?

As Gizmag reports, "Clint Bower, President of Venom Group International, said, "Today's consumers are more aware of the global warming and environmental impact of the products they use every day. Consumers are choosing Earth-friendly, sustainable products or those that reduce environmental impact over traditional alternatives."

But...disposable alkaline batteries are unarguably not sustainable. Sure, people might pick the greener looking product, but that doesn't make these batteries green. Or earth-friendly. Just a slightly better option than what else is out there.

While overall, it's tough to like a product that you know shouldn't exist, Venom is going much farther than any other battery company we've seen trying to tout eco-friendly batteries. They have a less damaging product, and are taking steps to go beyond greenwashing and into green. So, we have to give a hat tip to the company and say, if you're going to buy disposable batteries, these definitely look like a better option than whatever pack of Duracell is hanging by the checkout stand. They'll be on the market "soon."

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