Vaccinating With Remembee Against Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

With the deadly swine flu, bird flu and bee colony collapse disorder it kind of makes you feel like nature is biting back. Some good news for at least one of the big problems: the Israeli company Beeologics has developed a vaccine against colony collapse disorder, the disturbing syndrome that has been wiping out bee communities and threatening agricultural production all over the world.

Their new drug, Remembee has completed successful clinical trials on millions of bees in North America. Not only has it proved effective in maintaining bee health, but it also improved the longevity of bees and increased the honey in the hives. Based on Nobel prize-winning RNAI technology, Remembee helps the bees overcome IAVP virus, also discovered in Israel, which has been associated with colony collapse in scientific literature. "It's really a tug of war between the virus and the host. We are helping the bee tug the rope more strongly and beat the virus. We take advantage of an immune system that the bees elicit for viral disease. But we are really using naturally occurring phenomenon. It's not a pesticide and it's not toxic," says Nitzan Paldi, CTO of Beeologics.

Watch the video above to see how it works.

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