Using Solar Power for Evil: Panels on a Poultry Barn


Everyone is so happy with this research project to "evaluate the use of solar power as an economical source of energy for poultry houses." It is a partnership between Allen Family Foods, WorldWater & Power Corp. and our favourite green giant GE Energy. "This project is important to help our poultry industry stay competitive and our producers remain profitable, as well as cut our dependence on foreign oil," Delaware Secretary of Agriculture Michael Scuse said. Charles C. "Chick" Allen III, chairperson and CEO of Allen Family Foods, offered the use of a company-owned farm in Laurel for the pilot study. "We work with 550 independent contractors on Delmarva who raise our chicks," Allen said. "I was happy to have the opportunity to collaborate on a research project that has the potential to reduce costs for these growers. I want to do anything I can to maintain the economic viability of the Delmarva poultry industry."


Then I read Peter Singer in "the Way We Eat" and learn what goes on in these poultry barns. Or read articles like this one on "the Battery Hen: Her Life is not for the Birds" or Grist on "Finger-Lickin' Bad" how those independent contractors are exploited, how awful those barns are and how nauseating the working conditions are. And I think that putting solar power on a chicken battery is truly the definition of putting lipstick on a pig. ::University of Delaware