U.S. Military Wary About Offshore Wind Power Off Coast of Maryland

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Maryland Offshore Wind Development
Martin O'Malley, the governor of Maryland, would like to see offshore wind power developed off the cost of his state, but the U.S. military has expressed fears that the turbines could "disrupt flight and weapon test ranges, as well as erroneously appear on radar as unidentifiable aircraft." Three military bases in the region are using that area in the Atlantic for training missions and flight tests.Politicians are also hesitant because the Navy is spending a lot of money in the area, and they're afraid of losing these investments if they do something that makes life harder for them.

I hope that a deal can be reached and that the offshore wind turbines can be built. We need all the clean power we can get right now, and it seems like there could be a technical solution to this problem. The military probably isn't using 100% of that airspace for its trainings, and there might be a way to minimize the problems with radars; after all, it could be possible to know how fast the turbines are spinning at any given moment and to figure out - with the help of some software - what kind of radar interferences should be expected at any moment so that they can be safely ignored. This might not be something simple to do, but it would probably turn out to be useful in many other locations in the future as offshore wind becomes more popular, and it could increase the overall reliability of radar systems.

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