"Unplug" Painting Gives Us a Much Needed Reminder

unplug poster image

It's Friday and it's time to do two things. First, look at pretty art work. And second, follow the message in the artwork. And we have a perfect item that helps you accomplish both things. The image of the whole poster is too tall to fit here, so you'll have to click through to see the whole thing. But it's definitely worth it. Something about it is entirely calming, and the message is important.
"The UNPLUG painting and its companion blog are simple reminders that my existence is a modest part of a greater whole. I do not seek an entirely unplugged life but I do seek a soul enriching connection with our little planet's natural wonders."

unplug poster image

It is a little ironic that the painting - and concept - has a blog. It seems to defeat the purpose a bit, but since it features more beautiful nature photography - and since exposure to nature makes us nicer - we'll let it slide.

Via, appropriately, Unplggd
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