United Nations Protected Areas Get Own Database and Google Map

United nations database image

The United Nations Environment Program has gotten techy and partnered with conservation groups to put a database of protected areas online, along with Google map features for easy readability.

Their aim is to help businesses, like oil and mining companies, that are going into new areas make more eco-friendly decisions about their ventures...as eco-friendly as oil drilling and mining can get, I suppose.

Only scientists had access to the information, which was provided in very un-user-friendly ways, but now with the World Database on Protected Areas businesses that affect the land will be able to see the limits of protected areas and steer clear or make changes to their plans to limit their footprint.

But the database does more than just point out boundaries.Another great feature of the database is that it incorporates biodiversity issues, so areas that contain endangered plants and animals are also highlighted, even if the land area is not protected.

The site also includes articles teaching companies how to make business decisions based on the information they gather from the site. After all, what good is information if you don’t know how to use it.

Getting information like this online and easy to access is vital to making sure there are no excuses when it comes to businesses analyzing their impact before acting.

Beyond that, since the information is now available to anyone with Internet access, it helps locals be more aware and vigilant about the environmentally important areas in their own back yards.

Via Green Inc
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