Underwater Observatory is First to Put Livestream Online

Timelapse video of scavengers at work

That Harbour porpoise carcass up there is the bait for scavengers being studied by researchers. The observatory where it is viewed is the first to be hooked up to livestream online, thanks to a team of researchers from the Natural History Museum, University of Gothenburg, Maritime Museum and Aquarium Gothenburg, Scottish Association of Marine Science, OceanLab Aberdeen, and Bangor University. Now we can get our fix of underwater watching, minus the livingroom aquarium. PhysOrg reports that the observatory is currently 30m underwater in a fjord on the west coast of Sweden at the Sven Loven Centre for Marine Sciences.

"Until now, we had to make do with 'one-off' visits using submersibles, remotely operated-vehicles or scuba divers," stated Natural History Museum marine biologist Adrian Glover. Now, more than just the scientists get to view what happens under water. The scientists are hopeful that this will be able to be used in ever deeper parts of the oceans.

Livestream from the observatory can be found here (though at the moment it seems to be offline).

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