Unbelievably Cute Wind-Up Computer Mouse Uses Renewable Power

wind-up mouse image

Image via Yanko Design

Computer mice usually bum power from your computer, unless you have a wireless mouse which then uses juice from (hopefully) rechargeable batteries. Here's a design for a mouse that would use power generated from a wind-up key. It looks like one of the very old-fashioned toy with a very modern spin. The design by Ahmet Bektes is called Sustail. It relies on the user to wind it up when the power runs low, using a key stored on its underside.

sustainable mouse image

The simple design that incorporates renewable energy is a winner with us. A downside, though, is that it produces sound as it winds down like the wind-up toys with the purpose of telling users the charge level via sound. While an interesting notion, a whirring sound would be incredibly annoying. Also, we wonder how long a wind-up charge might last. But overall, the mouse is an adorable off-grid concept.

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