Un-Treehugger: Your Own "WindowWall" Made From LCD TVs

I must admit I've always taken issue with digital displays. They definitely have their place in the world - for some exhibits or advertising uses, they could end up having a lower footprint than other options. But it's rare. And for the most part, I cringe when I walk into an office or restaurant and they have their art or menu displayed on an LCD screen. It seems like an utter waste of electricity. But there's something worse...when that digital display enters into the home, like the new WindowWall. Instead of a lovely painting, or artfully hung objects, the WindowWall attempts to turn energy sucking LCD displays - lots of them - into "dynamic" art. The WindowWall by Runco takes the idea of a television as a digital art display and multiplies it up so that a whole wall is comprised of multiple television panels. Admittedly, it does also work for some functional tasks, like PC monitors, teleconferencing and so forth, but still...do you need a whole wall??

"A flexible usage model fits today's preference and trends for convergence including digital photography, PC operation, video conferencing, broadcast programming, and more. The WindowWall is visually-stunning, and personalizes a private viewing area." Sure, ok.

Again --- Why? Why not just have a painting of a rose above your stairs? If you have enough money to buy this thing, then you have enough money to invest in a few different pieces by local artists that you can swap out when you get bored.

As far as pricing goes, Crunchgear writes, "Pricing is based on the configuration, but I suspect this is one of those "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" situations." Yep, sounds about right.

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