Un-TreeHugger: The Robotic Sheep Shearer (Video)

robot Sheep Schearer photo

Image via Gizmodo

Wow. Kind of a stunner, this one. It's a robotic sheep shearer. Basically, a sheep put on a rack (as if for roasting), and a robotic clipper set goes at it, methodically removing the fleece. Supposedly it's quite relaxing for the sheep, though that is highly debatable. On top of that, there are a lot of un-TreeHugger elements to it. Click through to watch it in action.Fair warning: The video isn't gross, but it is a bit disturbing for hardcore animal lovers.

Yes, sheep shearing can be dangerous work - there's plenty of incidences where a body part, human or sheep, gets a bit too close to the clipper set blades. However, this contraption not only looks pretty medieval, but is also quite a bit slower than a human, uses up excess power and materials, and takes a job away from a person working in a legit trade.

Not to huggable. And, about as creepy as implanting sheep with bio-active substances to make the wool fall out on cue.

Via Shear Magic via Gizmodo
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