Un-TreeHugger: The BraDryer

bra dryer front image

Photos via BraDryer

My goodness. A dryer specifically for bras. Say whaaaa?Indeed, it is a the BraDryer - a device specifically for getting your unmentionables-for-the-upper-half dry while keeping it in shape.

bradryer back image

A very gentle infrared (IR) heat source helps evaporate moisture from the bra fabric while silent fans inside the appliance help remove this moisture.
In short, Bra Dryer will do this:
Dry bras faster
Preserve bra shape
Free your time

They even plan on making it in various chest sizes so that a woman of any size will be sure to get a fit for her damp bras.

OR - you could hang your bra to dry for free, avoiding damage and a carbon footprint. Fancy that!

The device makers are currently looking for investors to give them a lift and some support. We're pretty doubtful, though, that this gadget will make it to market.

Via GizmoWatch

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