Un-TreeHugger: Device That Entertains Baby in the Womb

baby entertainment device image

Photo via Yanko Design

This is so un-TreeHugger it makes you want to wave both hands in front of your face and say, "Wait, wait....you seriously think that's a good idea??" Yep, it's a strap-on device meant to entertain a baby while in the womb.The concept device designed by Geof Ramsay is supposed to follow the idea that a baby will be smarter if they get some sort of stimulation while in the womb. The device can be recorded with the parents' voices so the unborn baby can listen to them anytime (because apparently the two feet of distance between the baby and mama's vocal chords is too far...). Or lullabies can be played back, because that wouldn't annoy the living daylights out of the mother. In addition, the thing would be able to light up, with soft pulsing and glowing to stimulate the baby's brain as it develops, though that brings up serious questions of pointlessness as well.

This is one of those ideas that begs the question how ridiculous can an electronic gadget possibly get. We love our little weehuggers, but c'mon. Here is one concept device we don't want to see come to market.

Via Yanko Design
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