Un-TreeHugger: Designer Spaghetti Measurer

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The mantra of green is "Less is More" and that includes kitchen devices. Which is why this special designer spaghetti measurer is one of those things that makes me stop and ask, "Seriously? One more kitchen device that does something pointless?"Some people may find this handy - perhaps if you're a carb counter and want to know precisely how much you're putting into the pot. Fellow TreeHugger Lloyd thinks its an appealing device in order to ensure you're cooking enough for guests, or not too much for yourself, calling on that other green mantra, "What gets measured gets managed."

But there are greener tools, such as a handmade little lasso of string looped and marked to the correct serving sizes that helps you double-check your handful. Then again, there's the even greener option of just boiling up the whole bag at once and refrigerating leftovers to save energy in the long run - after all, pasta takes a long time to go bad once cooked.

Thankfully, this measurer is not an electricity waster. It merely wastes the earth's resources in manufacturing and is a piece of plastic that will get shoved in the back of a drawer and never used. And it's priced at $8.50...to measure your spaghetti. Few kitchen items seem more pointless for the majority of people.

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Just as I begged designers to stop conjuring up ugly solar clothing, I'm begging designers to stop putting out pointless plasticrap.

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