UN Offers $10,000 Prize For Best Climate Change App

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image based off of: Doug Belshaw/Creative Commons

Now creating a great app won't exactly stop global warming--unless perhaps it manages to convince governments and corporations to get off their collective arses and actually do something meaningful about greenhouse gas emissions--but $10,000 is what the UN's International Telecommunication Union is offering. Sponsored by Research In Motion and Telefónica, the contest hopes to take climate-related apps beyond carbon footprinting and help them "move to the next stage". I wonder if they're aware that there already good apps focusing on their example areas of: Energy efficiency, smart buildings, community engagement, eco-design. Apps to monitor climate change, measure greenhouse gas emissions, and on ways to adapt to climate change are also suggested areas where more could be done, and at least there I'd agree.

Perhaps ITU needs to take a look at Skeptical Science's app focused on climate science and arguing with a climate skeptic, now over a year old? Retroactive prize award?

Want your shot at the 10 grand? Here are the official details:

Contestants are asked to submit a detailed concept paper with an explanation of how their idea helps combat climate change and provides an ICT solution to environmental or sustainability issues. Entries may be any kind of software tool or game, be it for the web, a personal computer or a mobile device. The closing date for entries is 17:00 CET, 17 June, 2011.

Rules and entry requirements are at: Green ICT Application Challenge
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