Ultralast Batteries: "Does This Packaging Make My Green Look Washed?"

ultralast battery media kit photo

When something like this arrives, I find the only way to really vent my frustration is to cause public embarrassment. So, off to the stocks with this Ultralast media package and its flood of greenwash.

Read on for the final straw that made this little package post-worthy. The thing that really got my blood boiling about this package wasn't the way-too-big Fed-Ex box, it wasn't the dyed-green shredded paper, it wasn't the plastic bubbles, it wasn't the second cardboard box, or even the PR info printed on un-eco glossy paper.

It wasn't even the piece of plasticrap they offer to people visiting the booth.

ultralast batteries plasticrap offer photo

No, the thing that finally made me mad enough to post about this is the utter hypocrisy of the greenwashing. Look at this:

ultralast batteries greenwashing photo

Humm...green powered? It's run with two rechargeable AA batteries. That's not "green powered." You can't just slap an eco-friendly label on some rechargeable batteries and say they're suddenly green, because they're not. And that greenwashing is underscored by the intensely wasteful media kit in which the batteries arrived.

Message to Ultralast: If you're going to "go green," try to first take the idea of Green seriously.

Now in contrast, I received this press pack in the mail the next day:

thermapak laptop cooling pad media kit photo

It's a package from ThermaPAK, a laptop cooling pad that is neat-o enough to get its own post (stay tuned).

It arrived in just a simple Fed-Ex envelope, the item wasn't wrapped in any extra packaging, the press folder is made of 85% post-consumer recycled material, and it contains just a few sheets of paper. They could have improved it by doing just one black-and-white printed PR sheet with their website and basic info, printed on recycled paper of course. But even with the reasonable issue of too many printed materials, this was a big improvement upon that Ultralast package.

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