Ultracapacitors Getting Tested on South Korea's Subways

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Image via Maxwell Technologies

When I was little, my sister and I would wake up super early on Christmas morning and sit impatiently in our beds waiting for our parents to wake up. By about 6 am, we'd poke our heads out of our bedroom door and unsubtly holler, "Weeeeee'rrrreee Waaaaaaiiiiitting!"

I feel like its just turning into Christmas morning, and I'm ready to yell the same thing from my rooftop about ultracapacitor batteries. We're Waiting!!

Hopefully we don't have to wait a whole heck of a lot longer. Maxwell Technologies is testing out their ultracapacitors on the subway systems in South Korea, hoping to successfully capture energy from braking subway cars. Maxwell Technologies is based out of San Diego, and early this year they shipped 72 of their 48-volt ultracapcaitor modules to South Korea, where they'll be tested with a 740-volt regenerative breaking system on the Gyengsan light rail track. In October, another 220 modules were shipped out to be part of a 1500-volt DC system that will be installed and tested by mid-2009.

Ultracapacitors are the next generation of highly efficient energy storage, and we're all eagerly awaiting the technology to be improved and implemented into large scale projects, including everything from wind farms to electric cars.

But, we're still waiting (ahem...EEStor...).

Via Green Tech Media

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