UK Green Party on The Vista Landfill Effect


"Future archaeologists will be able to identify a 'Vista Upgrade Layer' when they go through our landfill sites."

The Green Party in the UK has raised some real issues about the release of Vista today. Their big issue is that no provision has been made by Microsoft or the computer manufacturers to deal with the inevitable hardware upgrade cycle. They call it defective by design- "Beneath the gloss they have hidden traps that take away important consumer rights, force expensive and environmentally damaging hardware upgrades." Evidently video and sound cards may have to be upgraded to deal with "digital rights management" and play Blue-Ray and HD disks. Vista will also be power hungry, as it requires more processing time to encrypt and decrypt 'premium' content, and looks around the computer every few milliseconds to check that nothing is trying to distribute de-coded 'premium' video or sound.Derek Wall, Green Party Male Principal Speaker continued : [wow. they have principal male and female speakers!]

"Vista requires more expensive and energy-hungry hardware, passing the cost on to consumers and the environment. This will also further exclude the poor from the latest technology, and impose burdensome costs on small and medium businesses who will be forced to enter another expensive upgrade cycle."

Siân Berry, Green Party Female Principal Speaker added:

"There will be thousands of tonnes of dumped monitors, video cards and whole computers that are perfectly capable of running Vista - except for the fact they lack the paranoid lock down mechanisms Vista forces you to use. That's an offensive cost to the environment."

It is true that most people do not know how to open and upgrade their computers, and there will be a monstrous dump of perfectly good computer hardware that could easily run open source software like Linux or even keep running XP for those who are happy with it, for as long as Microsoft provides support for it. Perhaps there should have been a recycling strategy announced with this release. ::Green Party UK via :: Environmental Leader