UK Government Building Carbon Emissions Greater Than Nation of Kenya's

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It’s well known that heating, cooling, and lighting buildings accounts for a large part of carbon emissions—about half of the heat and electricity produced by the power sector in the UK—but the following is truly sobering statistic: The Guardian is reporting that public buildings in England and Wales emit some 11 million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year; which means that these emissions are greater than the entire nation of Kenya’s carbon emissions.

This figure is equivalent to all of the emission savings from the entire UK wind power industry (or maybe double... I wonder if they used the old or new BWEA figure). Here’s how the stat was established:One in Six Buildings Received Lowest Efficiency Rating

Unpublished findings of an energy efficiency audit of 18,000 buildings including ministerial offices, police stations, museums and art galleries reveal that the 9,000 buildings audited so far produce 5.6m tonnes of CO2, with one in six receiving the lowest possible energy efficiency rating.

Among the reasons cited for the poor performance of these public buildings are ignorance among officials, inefficient equipment and poor energy management. About 70% of the buildings had a larger carbon footprint that a typical office.

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