Two Nature Quickies: US Stats & Chinese Green Awards


According to a Sidelines piece (paid subscription required) in November 9th's edition of Nature:

  • 12% of Americans see the environment as one of the three most important issues facing the United States today.
  • 48% see global warming as the most important environmental problem facing the United States, up from 22% in 2003.
  • 45% think there is a lot of disagreement among scientists on global warming, but 61% feel that there is enough evidence to justify action.
  • 60% of Americans would be willing to pay at least $10 more a month for electricity to solve the global warming problem.

So we're not quite there yet, but there is progress. Also...


Chinese film director Chen Kaige has been fined for polluting a beautiful lake while making Wújí (aka The Promise). In a strange turn of events, he was nominated for a "Green Chinese Award" because all the commotion around his movie and the surrounding environmental controversy "raised awareness of environmental concerns." Gotta start somewhere.

Source of the stats cited in the first part: Reuters, MIT, ABC News

Via ::Nature (paid subscription required)

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