Twittering for Trees and World Environment Day

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Twitter is getting to be a great resource for charities and eco-activism, proven by the success of charity:water's twestival, earthtweet, and tweeting congress. Here's another great chance to use Twitter as a force of good. Plant trees with it!United Nations World Environment Day is coming up on June 5th, and in an effort to get things rolling, the organization launched a Twitter contest (that is also a great way to market the earth-focused day) that for each new Twitterer that follows @UNEPandYou before June 5th, a tree will be planted.

As of this writing, they have 790 followers (including me) and their goal is to get 100,000 trees planted. The tweet stream offers some easy tips for eco-friendly living, so it's worth following just for that and the tree!

While you're at it, we recommend following @TreeHugger, @TH_RSS and me, @JaymiHeimbuch and the rest of the TreeHugger gang. All our @ names are listed on @TreeHugger.

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