Turtle Stretcher Concept For the Marine Biologist-Turned-EMT

turtle rescue device image

Images via Yanko Design

File this under "random yet practical." It is a stretcher for sea turtles. The design, called Tuto and created by 2Y1DEA, is intended to help rescue workers, marine biologists and conservationists work with sea turtles -- saving them, tagging them, or monitoring their health -- without additional risk to the turtle.

turtle rescue device image

Tuto is made specifically for turtles, shaped to strap them down and move them as needed as safely as possible. It helps biologists take accurate body measurements, blood and tissue samples, and tag the sea turtle with minimal stress and harm.

And according to Yanko, the design is also intended to raise awareness about the plight of sea turtles:

"It is hoped that the very development of this project will raise awareness of the animals and the workers in the field, growing knowledge on the subject in the world and generate more support for it in the process. Sea turtle safety forever!"

We're not sure that a turtle stretcher will get people ramped up for activism, but we do like the idea that young designers are thinking about the best ways to help study and save endangered species.

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