Turn an Old MP3 Player Into New Flashdrive

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Image via Instructables

About a week ago we saw a cool way to turn a couple old floppy disks into a USB falshdrive. But Instructables user hightekrednek2396 came up with a more modern take on the project. As you upgrade your music player, you might find yourself with a very old version of your iPod. You can put the device to good use by hacking it into a flashdrive. It's a super basic project and makes new use of gear that might otherwise sit in a drawer.

Okay, okay. Flashdrives are a dime a dozen -- even those in the 4GB and 8GB range are really cheap. And iPods keep their value for resale pretty well. Admittedly, those two facts alone do take a little of the shine off this hack. That said, I still think it's a great project for two reasons.

First, it gets people messing around with their electronics and learning how gadgets function, and how they can be modified and repaired. This boosts how likely you might be to bust open your gadgets if they break down so you can fix it yourself.

Second, it gets you thinking about how your gadgets can be upgraded or modified to perform other tasks, rather than just sold or recycled. That kind of creativity is what keeps items in the loop longer and (hopefully) reduces consumerism.

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