TrickleStar Adds New Energy-Saver Tool To Line-Up - The TrickleStrip

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The name is questionable - I keep wanting to read it as TickleStrip, making it sound like some sort of toy we'd list in this buy guide, or something Sami would write about - but actually, it has nothing to do with that. TrickleStar is a company we first saw at CES 2009 with their vampire power-stopping device, and now they've developed a smart power strip that makes curbing vampire energy easy. Plus it has several other great green features, including that it will pay itself off in energy savings in the first year of use.

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The TrickleStrip is a 6-outlet smart power strip. It is designed for computer set ups or home entertainment set ups, shutting off peripherals when not in use. One outlet is the control outlet, two are for "always on" devices, and three are for peripherals that should be switched off for energy savings. While a power strip doesn't seem exciting at first, there are some features worth nothing.

First, the company states that (depending upon the price of electricity in your area), the power strip can save about $38 a year in vampire energy. Considering they cost between $40 and $50 depending on which model you purchase, it will pay for itself in roughly the first year. TrickleStar states that the power strip has a lifetime of about 10 years, which means you could save roughly $335 net in electricity bills over the course of its lifetime.

You can use their energy calculator to find out a more accurate estimate for what you'll save, which allows you to input the devices you'd have hooked up to the TrickleSaver (similar to the TrickleStrip), adjust the price of electricity in your area, and find out how quickly you'll get an ROI, including accounting for the embodied energy of the TrickleSaver itself.

The TrickleStrip has a 2 year warranty with a $50,000 connected device warranty, is UL approved, and the manufacturing of it is offset 100% with verified carbon offsets.

The real way to combat vampire power and save a lot of money is to simply have less stuff to plug in. Trim your gadgets only to what you need, and only plug them in when needed. But for people who have office set ups or home entertainment set ups that never get unplugged, this or similar smart power strips are a great way to minimize wasted energy. $40 might seem like a lot to spend upfront, but in the long run, it's worth it.

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