TreeHugger Request: A Blackle Search Firefox Add-on


Attention, Mozilla developers (spread Firefox): TreeHugger has a request. We know that Blackle can save us energy (and have even busted a few myths about its use) and we know that the handy search engine browser add-ons (pictured above, on the right) can save us time. We want to do both! As TreeHuggers, browsing about the internet for the latest in green, we want to walk the walk by using something like Blackle as much as possible, but it requires an extra step or two: either typing it in to Google's search engine add-on, or directly into the URL field, and then waiting for the black page to load. With all the browsing we do, that's a lot of extra steps, and we end up using that handy Google search engine add-on about 6 zillion times a day instead of slowing down to find our way to Blackle.

So, you see, we want to save energy by browsing the black web, but we also want to get stuff done. Please, open source developers: we want a Blackle add-on! ::Blackle, ::Firefox and ::Firefox Add-ons

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