TREAD: Recycled iPod, Solio and Laptop Cases


We first came across TREAD over a year ago when we found out that they'd be making iPod, Solio and laptop cases from recycled rubber tires. Better Energy Systems, makers of the Solio solar charger (which we first covered here and reviewed here), have been busy in the interim, and have now launched their line of recycled products. The TREAD line includes (pictured left to right) a case for the Solio, 3G iPod, iPod nano (unofficially TreeHugger's green product of the year for 2005) and various 15" laptops. Each one is handcrafted from recycled truck tires and provides tough, waterproof protection for their respective electronics. While we aren't crazy about the tires having to travel from Colombia, it sure beats them sitting on a trash heap, so we approve. ::TREAD Cases via ::The Green Guy