Travel Stove Creates Electricity While It Cooks (Video)

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How great would it be to have a stove where you can chuck practically any fuel source into it, have it utilize that fuel efficienctly to quickly heat your food, reduce emissions drastically, and power your gadgets? It seems that the option is actually on its way. Utilizing the waste heat from your fire, a new cook stove can also generate enough electricity to charge a small device. Oh Gizmo shows us the BioLite, a portable and fuel efficient cookstove that uses half as much fuel as a camp fire, and heats food and water faster than a petroleum fueled camp stove. But what makes it really stand out is that it is capable of generating electricity. The heat from the fire powers a small fan which improves the cooking efficiency and leaves 1-2 watts to(very slowly) charge an electric device like a cell phone or gps unit.

While handy for camping, BioLite is intended as an option for rural areas in places like Africa, which rely on much more inefficient and polluting cookstoves. BioLite reportedly reduces emissions by about 95%,

This isn't the first time we've heard about an efficient cookstove that can generate electricity. Remember SCORE? But while that project was looking for sponsorships, this one is ready to hit the market later this year for about $80.

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