Transforming DIY Player is Your All-in-One Gadget

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Images via Yanko Design

A cool concept device from designer Shao Wen highlights a feature we love in greener gadgets - upgradability in an all-in-one device. With keyboards that swap in and out, the device transforms from cell phone to media player to gaming device and practically anything else you could want when you want it. While many devices already do this without the need to swap keyboards, they leave out the option for upgrading or replacing only the component that is broken. This concept solves that problem. Yanko Design writes, "DIY Player combines our greed for Cell phones, PMPs, gaming consoles and other such gadgets into one. It comes with a base screen and has detachable modules to it. Hook up the keypad to make it a phone or swap it for the gaming controls. Awesome idea, neat renders and a whole lot of imagination going on here!"

diy player image

We do have an affinity for all-in-one gadgets because they allow us to cut down on how many devices we consume. Something like this DIY player solves a big problem with all-in-ones, however, which is upgradability. The swappable components allow a user to upgrade just the pieces that break or have new versions, rather than needing to replace the entire device. For instance, the iPhone 4 is an excellent all-in-one gadget, but upgrading means getting rid of last year's version which probably works just fine. Gazelle, a trade-in company for gadgets, has seen a nearly 1000% increase in trade-ins since the iPhone 4 came out.

A DIY Player such as this could possibly mean fewer electronics getting tossed for newer versions. We like that kind of thinking.

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