Toyota Unveil Hybrid Pedal-Electric Concept 'Car'


OK, we admit up front to being a tad cynical, but let's soldier on regardless. Nine car makers took on the Design Challenge set by The Greater Los Angeles Auto Show, to imagine "a time when all vehicles have technology allowing the public to enjoy the distinctive Southern California lifestyle and unique environment without harming it." We've already taken a look at the Mercedes' Recy roadster, but wait there was more. More slick airbrushed renderings, yes. More, genuine creative responses to problems on our planet? Mmmm, not convinced. For instance, the Kia Sandstorm, a biodiesel, plug-in electrical hybrid, has panels of PET and lift out recycling bins, but can you really call a dune buggy "environmentally friendly"? At least the Toyota's RLV (Renewable Lifestyle Vehicle), seen above, thinks outside the box. A hybrid, 'split' powertrain solution of pedal power for stuck in traffic speeds and an electric mode for faster travel. Bioplastic, bamboo and aluminium create the panelling and cockpit. After the fold you'll see pics of the new Hummer, which uses panels made from algae to produce oxygen to offset its carbon dioxide emissions! (It's wheels, at least, seem to take inspiration from the Tweel.) Judges award the best rendering come 30 Nov 06. ::LA Auto Show, via Sydney Morning Herald.


The Green Hummer (a.k.a. the Oxymoron)

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